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(thank my good bebo)
i think im in the mood of doing commissions
ask me if u have questions about my style or something like that :^0
i don't draw: nsfw, muscles, sonics ocs, ponies, furry

smol style: 100 :points:
ame by Koipony

bust up: 150 :points: 

half body: 200 :points:
stan the man by Koiponylana by Koipony

full body: 250 :points:
nyuu and myuu by Koipony
(+50 points if you add another chara)
slots: -for now?-
5.- Shinnp   pixel pink progress bar - 0 by puucheii

thank youuuu!!
you have to know my style is v cartoon and "cute" so please select correctly the character

ty bebo
commissions cus' i want to practice my style 0^:
and i need points

i do not draw: nsfw, ponies, sonic oc's, muscles, furry

70 :points:
Mami Tomoe by Koiponylittle farmers by Koipony

Bust up: 
80 :points:
fish by Koipony peri by Koipony

Half body:
90 :points:
i rlly love scarfs by Koipony Madoka by Koipony

Full body:
110 :points:

miss mayor by Koipony E R A S E ? by Koipony

I need points
Commissions are open, feel free to ask me about it 
Only :points:

 I do not draw: Mlp oc's, Sonic oc's, +18, Furry

Bust up
30 :points:
Idate by Koipony

Half body
60 :points:

I really wanna go to karaoke by Koipony

if they are needed(?)

1-Japo278 x2 Done!
3-YarenMemaster Done!
4-Starryeyed-doll x2 Done!
5-piyoa Done!
6-Peperin Done!
7-BuyGoldBYE Done!
8-NessuOrenji Done!